the “Liv” in Live and Let Liv Yoga

     On the first day of summer, 2012, the most amazing, beautiful, and bright eyed baby girl was born. Liv Ellen Kelly came into this world smiling, and hasn’t found the time to stop since. I knew from the minute I met her that I would love her forever, but I had no idea she would change the very core of who I was, my outlook on life, and my future.

      The day Liv was born was the day I knew that I needed to become the very best person I could be; she was meant to have a mom who could show her what could happen if she dared to dream. She taught me to start living. This studio is my legacy to her; it is the greatest life lesson that I could ever hope to teach her. I hope that someday, when she is all grown up and challenged by the world, she will see this studio and she will know that no dream is impossible; that she has the power to leave things more beautiful than how she found them, and that she has the power to change the world.