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level 1


60 mins

For beginners and seasoned practitioners alike. Ever wonder if you are aligning a certain pose properly? Slow down your practice, ask questions, and breathe deeply. This class will take you through basic flows with plenty of instructions.



45 mins

Add some movement to your lunch break with this flow based, all-levels class. It's the perfect way to take a moment away from your daily activities and reconnect your body and mind. This class will incorporate calming breath work and physical movement to give you energy to make it through the rest of the day. 



75 mins

Gentle yoga simply invites you to be well. It targets all levels and beckons you to be good to your mind and your body as we stretch tight muscles and loosen stiff joints while quieting our minds from the noisy world around us. This class is ideal for anyone wanting to work on stress-release, flexibility and balance at a gradual and comfortable pace.


Gentle + Restore

75 mins

Gentle + Restore combines two approaches to yoga in one class setting.  Giving opportunity to lubricate the joints, engage muscles intentionally to encourage strength-building, and increase flexibility through softly directed cues, the class is punctuated with supported asanas to enter into a deeply relaxed state.



75 mins

Restorative yoga is an incredibly healing and relaxing practice that's suitable for a wide range of students including those with injuries, pregnant women, and beginners. It is ideal for relieving high stress, and is therapeutic for minor injuries and illness. With the use of blankets, bolsters and other props the body is supported and opened, allowing for the relief of tension and stress. Students will receive adjustments and assistance from the teacher to ensure the highest benefit of the asana.

* Essential oils and guided meditations are a likely part of the style and ought be anticipated.


Slow Flow

75 mins

A slow-movement based practice that gently builds strength and flexibility. Linking movement and breath through a highly accessible sequence of poses offers students, beginners to advanced, the ability to approach the entire practice with thoughtful intention. This class offers an array of sequences and poses to include standing balance poses, backbends, and stretching to help with the framework of building such inner awareness that transforms the student. There are modifications and variations for every level of student.


Undo & Renew

60 mins

An all levels class that targets tight muscles and stiff joints. Plenty of hip and shoulder girdle openers, some fascia release, and hands on assists. A relaxing and rejuvenating practice that incorporates time to de-stress and relieve tension. This class consists of mainly seated and floor postures; uses blankets, bolsters, props, and breath to hold poses for deep release. A necessary balance for athletes seeking flexibility and mobility, students attending movement based classes, anyone that sits all day, or practices vigorous or repetitive movements or exercise.



75 mins

levels 1&2

A fast paced movement based practice that builds strength and flexibility. Linking movement and breath through a challenging sequence of poses offers students the opportunity to tune into the subtle space of their bodies that is often overlooked. This class offers an array of sequences and poses to include standing balance poses, backbends, arm balances, inversions and opportunities for flexibility to help strengthen and lengthen the body. There are modifications and variations for every level of student, but experience some experience or basic knowledge of yoga is preferred.


Yoga for Warriors

60 mins

A free yoga class designed specifically for service members and veterans. The students will learn skills proven to help connect to the present-leaving anxiety behind while learning to feel safe and in control. By lowering hyper-vigilance and reactions to noise and stress, veterans can learn to sleep better and have more control over their emotions. Open to veterans, active duty service members, and their families.


Yogis' Choice

60 mins

This class is ever-changing according to student suggestions or teachers (requests for material covered usually made in advance). Different styles and aspects of yoga are explored to expand a better understanding of its science; such avenues of exploration include (but are not limited to) pranayama, meditation, gentle, restorative, flow-based practices, or a combination of all of the above.

Bits of philosophy, mythology, and history of yoga may be incorporated to enhance the culmination of experience.

To bring: an open mind with a tincture of curiosity.

to find out which level you might be, click here

level 2

A rigorous warm-up with a focus on building shoulder girdle and core strength, this class introduces, enhances, or grows an already-existing inversion practice.  Not recommended for beginners.

Flow + Inversions

75 mins



Hot Yoga

60 mins
75 mins
90 mins


Heated to 90 degrees or higher, this is a strong vinyasa themed class designed to build strength and flexibility to enhance and deepen one's practice.  

* Bringing a yoga mat towel and/or regular towel and water bottle are recommended.