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Tawni Lay

Tawni is certified in Integral Hatha Yoga, which she started to practice at 16 with her teacher Sevika Linda Ward, at the Killeen Community Center. At age 23, Tawni decided after being on several antidepressants, to practice as much as she could in order to help to give herself a natural depression lift. After a year of dedicated practice, she was able to get off of all medication. She then became certified in Integral Hatha Yoga in order to share the knowledge of this healing practice.
Tawni's work on Fort Hood, with soldiers being treated for PTSD, led her to a more therapeutic approach to Yoga and inspired her to begin Viniyoga teacher training. This training taught Tawni the tools she needed to work with people who have injuries and mental pain, as well as helping her to deepen her own practice. She graduated in April of 2014 with her 500 hour certification in Viniyoga. Tawni's style incorporates postures, pranayama, sound and meditation to help the student achieve the effects they are seeking, whether it is pain or stress relief, building energy or strength, or bringing the body down into calm relaxation. 

Tawni Lay instructs the following:
  • Restorative yoga is an incredibly healing and relaxing practice that's suitable for folks with injuries, pregnant women, and beginners. It is ideal for relieving high stress, and is therapeutic for minor injuries and illness. With the use of blankets, bolsters and other props you will support and open all areas of your body, allowing for the relief of tension and stress. Everyone will receive adjustments and assistance from the teacher to ensure that you're getting the most benefit from each pose.

    * Our restorative yoga instructors incorporate essential oils and guided meditations to enhance this practice (varies by instructor)